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What’s on my bookshelf?

I am, and have always been, hopelessly nosey. My mum used to say that I’d be a talented cross – examiner. As a result, I love being nosey at other people’s book shelves. Today I thought it would be nice to share how I organise my current bookshelves and what is currently on there. 


I currently own 2 bookshelves. When we move I am hoping to acquire some more but at the moment I have the 2 and they suit my needs just fine! I have changed a lot as a book worm over the last few years and I have gone from owning over 300 unread books to aiming for a 10 book physical TBR. During lockdown I have acquired a lot more books, but ultimately 10 books is my goal. I’m personally loving my shelves more knowing that all the books on them are ones that I have really enjoyed or are ones that I am really looking forward to.

Bookshelf 1:

Contains all of my read books and a few items of merchandise. I organise my books in alphabetical order via author’s surname. Hardback books go at the top and then paperbacks come next. I also keep non – fiction separate from fiction (fiction first, non – fiction second). When I finish a book it ends up on this bookshelf and I try to look through it regularly to see if there are any books that I actually no longer want to keep on my shelves. I am actually overdue an unhaul so I may be removing some of these!

Bookshelf 2:

Contains all of my undress books and most of my decorative items and merch. In the same way that my read shelves are organised I have all of the books in alphabetical order but this time I have paperbacks first and then hard backs second. I then keep non – fiction separate from fiction and keep it last. I’m hopeless at sticking to a set TBR and am very much a mood reader, but I do occasionally pick out a couple of books that I want to focus on. I have a few more books that I’ve ordered (being at home a lot more has actually increased my spending on books!) If you spot anything you think I should get to right away, please do let me know in the comments!

There are days when I really miss having a huge library of books, but the reality was I didn’t have the space to house the books and they weren’t getting the attention and love that they deserved. Perhaps when I have more shelf space, I will let my collection grow again, watch this space!

How do you organise your shelves?Signature

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