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The Great Revolt Blog Tour

I’m lucky enough to have received this book from Bloomsbury in exchange for an honest review as part of the Blog Tour organised by Faye.



Format: Paperback 

Genre: Children’s Historical Fiction (12+) 

UK Publish Date: August 6th 2020 

Content Warnings: Topics briefly mentioned: harassment, molesting and rape, violence including hanging and decapitation, xenophobic comments 

As a teacher I am always on the hunt for books that will excite and engage my class and other children. Whilst I do not recommend this book for primary aged children due to the content, it is perfect for those children in Year 7 – 9 who are transitioning from children’s books but are not quite ready to take the leap into Young Adult fiction.

We follow two perspectives from very different lives, both 14 but one female (Tilda) a serf and very poor and the other Guy who is a squire to the young King Richard. Both are viewing the peasants revolt from very different perspectives which gives us a rich picture of the differing views, opinions and experiences of this revolt in a short space of time.

This book is fast paced, and the perfect length for and would like something full of action to their their teeth into that will keep them hooked for the duration of their reading. The Great Revolt centres around a period of history that is not widely discussed. Whilst a huge fan of history, I certainly didn’t know a lot of the information included in this book meaning I found it as much of a fascinating read as I would have done when I was 13.

I also would have loved Tilda when I was that age. She is bold and brave. She wants to fight for revolution and a new future. She has to deal with harassment and poverty and she’s having none of it! She doesn’t want to be married off into a life of having multiple children all in the servitude of their lord. She wants to fight. Unfortunately throughout the book she learns that this is easier said than done.

I did throughly enjoy this book and raced through it in 2 days. I would highly recommend it for those who like action and history as well as strong protagonists!

CONTENT WARNING: I must warn that this book mentions harassment, molesting and rape, violence including hanging and decapitation. They are not described in vivid detail but they are referenced. Also xenophobic references ‘they’ve come over here and taken our jobs’.

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