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Comprehension Ninja Blog Tour

As a teacher I am always on the hunt for new education resources that I can use in school to help teach my class. Therefore, when I was given the opportunity to review the 7 – 8 and 8 – 9 Comprehension Ninja Workbooks as part of this tour, I leapt at the opportunity!

I am always extremely busy in my job, and getting the right resources to support my class is one of the most important parts of the job. However, it can be really tricky spending a huge amount of time looking for resources or making resources because there isn’t anything useful out there. I have used Vocabulary Ninja in the past and loved their resources, so I had high expectations for Comprehension Ninja.
One of the main aspects I love about these books is that they are written by someone who has taught recently and is still involved in current education. The goalposts and expectations are constantly changing within our education and unfortunately most resources just can’t seem to keep up, or they aren’t quite pitched correctly. This certainly isn’t the case with Comprehension Ninja!

I currently teach Year 3 and am moving to teach Year 4 next year in what will be my 4th year of teaching. Both of these workbooks contain themed texts and questions that are perfect for starter activities, catch up groups or even a quick test of where the children need extra support. It’s clear the author has thought carefully about the themes of the text as each one is relevant to the National Curriculum of the particular year group that it is aimed at, which is perfect as a lot of schools use a thematic curriculum.

Within these workbooks there are also a range of text lengths and a range of question styles that match closely to the expectations of the curriculum. I can see myself using these within my classroom next year. They will be perfect for my comprehension groups that need extra support in this area, and also perfect for tasks within lessons. All of the texts are non – fiction based, and it is often hard to find good quality non – fiction texts that include the information about the topic you require at an age appropriate level. This is an added bonus of these workbooks. It is also the perfect time to find a resource like this as there will be a period of settling in and catching up that will need to be done by both adults and children and these activities will certainly make that time easier!

I will also be highly recommending them to parents/guardians who are looking for something that is easy to use and gives a clear guide for parents in supporting their children with reading comprehension. If you are a parent or guardian who is looking for something to support their child with their reading comprehension that is easy to use then please do have a look at these workbooks

I will certainly be looking at other books in the ‘Ninja’ series to help with my teaching!

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Are you a teacher or parent/guardian? Will you be using these books to help?





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