Modibodi Review

I’ve been toying with the idea of trying something more environmentally friendly than non – reusable pads for a while, but it’s taken me a long time to figure out what I want to use and actually get around to buying them. I finally settled on Modibodi period pants and I am so pleased that I did! Warning – this entire post will be me talking about periods, and period pants!

Photo taken from the ModiBodi website as I just couldn’t do the pants justice!

This review has not been sponsored in any way, shape or form. I researched a variety of companies and settled on Modibodi myself and purchased 3 pairs of pants from them. I went for 3 pairs of black Hi – Waist Heavy/ Overnight Absorbency pants.

I was initially quite nervous about wearing these pants as I would be at work for the majority of the days I was on my period, and I work fairly long days. I really didn’t want there to be any risk of any leaking. I shouldn’t have worried at all though as these pants were fantastic. There were so comfortable that it didn’t feel like I was wearing anything other than ordinary pants, but they can hold a lot more liquid than you would expect. I had no issues wearing one pair for the day, coming home and changing into another pair for the night and doing the same the following days.

I am someone that has never been able to wear tampons as they are incredibly painful for me, it also rules out any use of a Moon Cup (or similar device). Therefore, my only option was to wear pads each month. However, I was incredibly sensitive to pads and would often come up with a rash each month from wearing them, as well as finding I would get through a lot each day due to heavy periods. In comparison, wearing Modibodi  pants felt no different to wearing my usual underwear, I did not have any sort of reaction wearing them and did not have to change them as frequently as I did pads.

They are really easy to take care of, they simply need a good rinse in cold water after each use and then a spin in the washing machine on cold with no fabric conditioner at the end of your period so they are nice and fresh for the next month. I found that I was alright with 3 pairs, but I am planning on getting a couple more as they do take quite a long time to dry after washing (as they are so absorbent) and I found they weren’t quite dry enough each time I needed to change. I’m hoping I can get some pairs in other colours as they are really pretty!

Overall, if you have the opportunity (I am fully aware that it is a very privileged position to be able to cover the upfront cost of these)  to by some Modibodi pants I would highly recommend it. Whilst it is a significant initial cost, as I am only in my 20s I will most likely be using these pants every month for a very long time. They are very easy to care for, high quality, they are pretty and mean that I am not getting through a good few packets of pads each month meaning they will save me money and save the environment in the long run. I can also not emphasise just how much comfier they are in comparison to wearing disposable pads, this is the most comfortable I have been on any of my periods, and I am certainly not someone who enjoys their period but Modibodi did make it a lot more bearable!

When I purchased my pants I was given a referral code that gives you £10 off your purchase and I believe gives me £10 off my next purchase too! The link can be found here.

Are you thinking of changing what you use during your period? Any eco friendly products that have changed your life?


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