Where have you been?


I’m back! My last post was back at the end of October. That’s almost 6 months ago!

I thought I’d hop on and do a quick post explaining where I went. I’d started putting so much effort into my blog, changing things up, organising things and then I just. Stopped.

First of all, I’m a teacher, I teach Year 3 and am currently in my second year of teaching. This year has been hard, harder than last year for a variety of reasons but I suddenly stepped up from NQT to running the year group with very little support. Things are easier now and have settled which is a relief but I found it incredibly difficult at the start of the year.

I then went through a move, which is always stressful and there’s a lot to organise. Throughout this and the start to my school year, my mental health took a hit and I wasn’t coping very well. I’ve been seeing a counsellor and making some big changes in my life so I’m now in a much better place.

I’ve also been on a long journey with my health and trying to find out why I’ve been experiencing certain symptoms, which were putting me in pain every day. This culminated in an operation to finally figure out what it was that was causing the pain and symptoms. I’m still not fully sorted with how to manage my symptoms, but, I’m a lot further on in my journey than I was!

I had to take time off to look after me and get myself back into a better place where I’m ready to blog again. I also did a lot of thinking about what I want to blog about and I no longer want to stick to just books, I’m thinking of branching out into lifestyle, including the changes I’m making to live a more simple and eco friendly life.

Whilst I was on hiatus, my other half also proposed. We’ve been together 9 years and I am SO excited! I’ve been doing lots of planning and organising and to be honest, it’s been consuming the rest of my free time!

I’ve missed you all, and I have missed blogging but I really needed this break and I’m so glad I did it.

Is there anything in particular you would like to see on the blog?



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